Just a Little Life Update….

Hello! Sorry for the inactivity: I was very busy with studying for finals and after that, honestly I had no motivation to write. Continue reading “Just a Little Life Update….”


24 Hours in Sydney

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An awful photo of me in a beautiful (and windy) city.

I was in Sydney this weekend to sit the ACTs-an exam required by US universities. Although I can’t realistically see myself going to the the states for uni, Sydney is my first preference for Australia. I wanted to decide whether this would be a city where I would happy to live in next year.

The short answer: a definite yes.

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Retail Therapy

Yesterday, I finished all but one of the papers for my Mock Exams. Even though I’m not completely satisfied with how well I did, we all deserved a break from (almost) finishing that terrible, terrible ordeal. Eeleen and I decided to grab a quick bite of sushi from the local shopping centre to celebrate.

We ended up visiting the majority of the clothing stores: trying on cute outfits, stalking the sales sections, finding the perfect (!!) pair of jeans….and forgetting all about sushi. Continue reading “Retail Therapy”